Clinical Services

Unlike many programs, Valley Educational Associates does not rely on part time consults for its clinical supports. The agency has three full time clinicians (with masters or doctoral degrees) who are available daily at each of the sites.

The clinicians conduct behavioral analyses of the individuals’ behaviors and develop intervention plans as needed. The clinicians train the staff on the implementation of those plans, and because they are full time, are available to insure the treatment integrity of those plans in action. The clinical staff members also provide on the spot consultation to the clientele in the form of brief counseling or therapy services. And the clinicians typically consult with the medication treatment providers of local psychiatry clinics, providing organized and collated data for the providers, coupled with interpretations of that data so as to provide helpful information about the efficacy of medication interventions.

For additional information please contact the following:
Clinical Services Supervisor
Valley Educational Associates, Inc.
PO Box 46
Hatfield, MA 01038
(413) 349-4120