CBDS Services

Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) offers a supportive program to adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities which assists individuals to develop, maintain and enhance their ability and confidence in personal, social and community activities. Skill development activities occur in the areas of communication, self-care, socialization, relationship-building, healthy living, self-advocacy and community involvement. The program supports two general tracks. One is for the person who may have employment as a goal but who needs more support and instruction in order to be ready to obtain a desired job. The other is designed for individuals who might not be headed toward employment, but who could still benefit from a skill building, therapeutically oriented, and highly structured program.

Program Design: The CBDS program staff routinely survey the individuals in the program, and promote their involvement in designing the program activities and group content based on their interests and needs.  Programming is often in interactive group formats, although individual involvement and variations occur throughout the week. The in-house program consists of four to five group sessions per day, with varied content and involvement; the participants have choices in both the planning phases and in their daily participation.  Community trips and activities are conducted outside of the program in small groups, in couplets or individually as appropriate to the individuals.

Therapeutic Activities include:

  • Pre-vocation Skills Training
  • Cooking and Nutrition Classes
  • Human Rights Education
  • Social Skill Building
  • Art Education and Appreciation
  • Art and Crafts activities emphasizing therapeutic themes
  • Primary Knowledge Groups
  • Leisure Activities
  • Natural Sciences /Knowledge Group
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Exercise/Movement