Supported Employment

We Provide a Skilled Labor Force to Meet Your Business Needs and We Stand Behind Our Work, 100% employment flyer

Employment Services
Job finding
Supervised jobs in community*
Sheltered work **

Vocational Training
On-the-job training
Social skills development
Furniture making
Retail Store duties

Professional Services
Vocational Rehabilitation
Psychological Assessment
and Consultation
Career Assessment
and Resume Writing

* Supervised jobs include: housekeeping, janitorial, dishwashing, groundskeeping, assembly/packaging,
stocking/shelving, warehouse work, etc.

** In-House employment includes: assembly, labeling, bulk mailing, collating, woodworking, packaging and more.

Employing individuals with disabilities can work for YOUR company!  Companies which employ two or more individuals with disabilities benefit in a number of ways:

  • Access to an entry-level workforce that is motivated, reliable and ready to work
  • Support of an on-site VEA job coach throughout the period of employment, to assist our employees in exceeding your expectations.
  • Improved bottom line (time and money saved on training, turnover, absenteeism; increased productivity on the part of non-disabled employees)
  • Increased approval ratings from employees and customers for providing this opportunity to individuals who want to work.
  • The possibilities are endless when you believe in the power of work.

If you want to explore how a person with a developmental disability can fit into your business, contact us. We can give you a realistic idea about the jobs that someone can do for you.

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