Some of the Many Satisfied Employers Who Work with VEA:

Olympic Manufacturing Group
“VEA provides added value to OMG through our outsource/subcontract packaging program. VEA and OMG have been successfully partnering in business since 1994.”
P. Tilden, Distribution Mgr.

STCC Foundation
“We have relied on VEA to support much of our bulk mailing needs. It has been important for us to fall back on a reliable, efficient and effective team of workers from VEA.”
W. Kwolek, Exectutive Director

Hillside Plastics
“VEA has been providing services to Hillside Plastics for many years. Theirs is a unique service and one with which Hillside is proud to be associated. There are many ways to support your local community; but none as satisfying as seeing VEA people become part of the ‘regular workforce.’”
J. Haas, Personnel Mgr.

VEA also provides services to:

Home Depot
Samson Manufacturing
The Hampshire Mall
Kamins Real Estate
Highland Valley Elders
Brookside Condominiums
Sunderland Veterans Memorial
South Deerfield Congregational Church